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If music is in your blood and you would like a coach to accompany and inspire you on your creative journey, we are here for you.

‘In The Blood’ is a small but growing team of expert coaches whose ethos is focussed on creativity, possibility and empowerment.

We believe in reconnecting you with your purpose to make music or promote, empower or advance the creative practise of others.

We believe that it makes us human to create and that the arts have a purpose to express the human condition, to entertain and to help us understand ourselves and others.

We believe in the rights of artists to be recognised and rewarded for their art in a way that is appropriate. We also believe that, whilst the music ‘industry’ had changed beyond recognition following the demise of recorded music formats, (and more recently the challenges that Covid-19 has presented), nevertheless, there has never been a time when the creative arts are more important, to each of us individually and as a community.

Our passion is for creating connections and for working with creative people to help them transform and reframe stories that may be holding them back. By empowering all those within music to access and create their best work, we seek to nurture a vibrant and dynamic field of creative endeavour. Whether that work be writing and performing songs, teaching or researching music, or promoting, empowering and leading others.

We believe in inclusivity, equality, compassion and empowerment and we work with people who are committed and passionate about what they do and who want to find a way to do the best work they are capable of. With a desire to create that is in their blood.

This who we are and this is what we stand for.