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Working with Mo has been an incredible experience. The insight and wisdom he has brought to our conversations has been truly invaluable and have led me on a journey to explore my own narratives and thought processes creatively and personally in a genuine and wonderful environment.
Laura Welsh

Artist and Songwriter

Thank you again for all the support Mo – I think you have a real gift and talent for these conversations. You bring a rare quality in the way you listen and reflect.

Working with you has been a most positive and constructive experience – you’ve helped me reframe numerous narratives about myself and you’ve consistently provided a depth of insight and wisdom to our discussions.

Catherine Anne Davies

aka The Anchoress, award winning artist/writer/producer/author/mutli-instrumentalist and teacher

Sophie has a unique talent for seeing potential in individuals and a gift for helping them bring their own ideas to life. Sophie’s inquisitive guidance and unwavering support has enabled me to not only set out and achieve clear goals, but to cultivate a lasting self-belief and resilience, empowering me to take creative risks and to have conviction in my own creative decisions.

Sophie has made it possible for me to achieve what I once considered to be unachievable, she showed me the steps I needed to take to transform perceived ‘pipe’ dreams into tangible, life-changing achievements, I would not be where I am today without her nurture and support.

Hannah Rose Platt

Critically Acclaimed Americana Singer/Songwriter, Songwriting Teacher

My relationship with Mo is unique. I have never experienced anything like it. My meetings with Mo offer a context for me to boldly explore who I am and how I am. Under Mo’s care, I have gained truly life-changing insights into how I am thinking, feeling and behaving. The ontological premise of our enquiry (the nature of being human) means that our conversations impact every single aspect of my life. I have authored fundamental change in my songwriting, teaching and leadership practices, as well as in my personal relationships.

Mo has a striking ability to ‘be a space’ for me: I am supported in exploring and challenging the narratives that I am committed to, so that I can recognise how they shape my experience. By recognising and understanding my stories – including the reasons why I am so committed to them – I have been able to safely experiment with abandoning them. The resulting spaciousness has offered me freedoms – psychological, emotional, existential – that I never even knew were possible. The results have been truly extraordinary.

Jonathan Whiskerd

Head of undergraduate programmes at ICMP, award-winning songwriter and experienced recording artist

Sophie uses uses a range of carefully researched and tested techniques in a safe and calm environment to help you realise your own creative process. I am now in full command of how my personal creative process works for me and I can’t thank her enough. In short, she’s great!
Adam Gillian

Songwriter, Artist, TV Actor and West End Star

Mo has a style of coaching that helps you reveal evidence in the most unexpected places, helping you to make original connections within your own work, self and the wider landscape of research. Mo challenges creatives to think laterally and from multiple perspectives, perfect for individual learner centred approaches and the development of your own art.
Luke Toms

Recording Artist, Record Producer and Teaching Fellow in Creative Musicianship

Working with Sophie has completely changed my experience of my creative practise. From the very first moment, Sophie made me visualize the kind of artist I could be, and she helped me become it, with great teaching and sharing.
Thiago Jorge

writer/producer/performer, founder of Brazilian Band Abraskadabra